Knitting society


The role of “Knitting society” is to build a relationship between industry and knitting department through organizing different technical events. It aware and train graduates of Knitting to become a leader. Itprovides ideal working conditions to them and to take care in their career planning; reward them according to their skill and responsibility and to do things cooperatively. The knitting society encouragesall the students of knitting department to share their views regarding different industrial problems.It also gives chance to all member to contribute and participate in all activities such as research, product development and event management; so that they can participate in the social, moral and economic development of our nation through academics, research and technological innovations.


  • To promote knitting knowledge and other textile technologies.
  • Exposure of knitting industry, so that problem of jobs for knitting graduates can be solved.
  • To aware students about their career prospects and areas for working.
  • To make society acting as a bridge between industry and university.
  • To arrange and conduct Project Exhibition by the end of my academic year through Society of Textile Knitters.
  • To arrange a Job Fair for Knitters.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President Convener
Abdul Rehman Sattar

Arshia Naser

Zeeshan Azam
Contact: 03027684421