CS Society


Computer Science society is the leading social and academic society of National Textile University. Every year the computer science society arrange an intra university event in National Textile University. Here in Computer science society we provide a valid platform to the students for showing up their skills technically and non-technically. Where different technical and non-technical events take place. The technical events held are to boost up the skill of students of computers science and non-technical events are for other students too for increasing the sports man spirit and skills in the students.


    • Society of Computer Science aims to emerge as a comprehensive departmental student society responsive to technological change, dedicated to excellence and committed to international educational and research needs of University and international Sci-tech arena.
    • CS Society will continue to surpass a tradition of distinguished teaching, research and innovation through evolving undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programmes of study in coordination and collaboration with renowned institutes of country.
    • Besides traditional fields of computer science disciplines, Society would urge eagerly to hold informative seminars, workshops off and on.
    • The society will be entrusted with the responsibility of producing culturally-oriented, research-oriented, enlightened and technologically confident and competent graduates who are prepared to lead the nation at par with the science-tech over-drive world.
    • To develop CS Society as a comprehensive, research-led, endeavourer society with a focus on Technology, quality education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Community Service.
    • To keep sustained, endurable progress as linchpin, Society adopted a staunch and profound approach to hold annual   XTC GEAR_N   IT Marathons “pearl of innovations”   as per society traditions.
    • Society continuously remains in contact with donors, market and business sponsors, alumni and partners for contributing to making us realize the dream of creating a par excellence society of lyceum.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President General Secretary
Faizan Safdar

Contact no: 0306-7155102

Huzaifa Umar
Contact no:

FACEBOOK PAGE LINK: https://www.facebook.com/ntuDCS