Executive Society

Executive society is dedicated to promoting aspiring future leaders and managers in social and corporative enterprises. Executive society is student organization, which aims to bring students together with creative abilities and inspires them to develop their further artistic skills and imagination. Along with their academic excellence, students of NTU display dynamic literary, creative and artistic abilities and aptitude for co-curricular activities. What we provide our members is a personal and professional development experiences and offering leadership and teamwork opportunities. In order to provide them organized opportunities to pursue their passion in the company of like-minded individuals, Clubs and Societies.

Aims and Objectives:

The aim is to develop the high-quality business education of NTU and make their member an active member an active player in the world economy.

  • Executive society is committed to information revolution in every aspect of its activities.
  • Executive society will continue to strengthen its profile as a high-standard society
  • Encouraging member engagement and participation
  • Promotion business networking and relationship building

Mission Statement

Executive society is an independent, professional society that facilitates Business commerce through education, networking, standards development, and certification.


Executive society is the global leader in standards development, education, and certification in promoting Business commerce Education.


The team is built by a process where students fill out their forms first for interviews and then Convener, President & Vice President take interviews of willing students for selected seats.

List of Executive Body Students Selected for the session 2022-23

Sr. # Names Semester Designation
1. Muhammad Usama Shaffique 7th President
2 Muhammad Shahzaib Senior Vice President
3 Shahraiz Nasir  Vice President
4 Talha Hamid General Secretary
5 Usman Sultan Finance Head
6 Hammad Nadeem Marketing Head
7 Hafeez Tahir Event Planner Head
8 Hiba Javed Stage & Décor Head
9 Abdul Hanan Event Management Head
10 Asad Abbas Event Organizer Head
11 Usama Zulfiqar Media & Photography Head
12 Usama Intizar 5th Joint Secretary
13 Faiq Sohaib Assistant to Vice President
14 Umer Farooq Event Organizer Secretary
15 Ali Gohar Event Planner Secretary
16 Huzaifa Zahid Stage & Décor Secretary
17 Umer Hussain Management Secretary
18 Muhammad Abdullah
19 Muhammad Awab Information Secretary
20 Arman Haider Assistant to President
21 Hussain Ahmad Additional General Secretary

List of Coordinator and Members of Executive Society

Sr. # Names Semester Designation
1. Moazam Majid 3rd Coordinators
2 Ali Sher
3 Muhammad Athar Tahir
4 Hammad Nazeer
5 Hamad Ahmad
6 Saad Ahmed
7 Muhammad Jahanzaib
8 Aftab Iqbal
9 Anas Abid
10 Muhammad Amir
11 Junaid
12 Abdul Basit 1st Members
13 Hamza Khalid
14 Farhan Ali
15 Hamza
16 Afra Eman
17 Hajira Ali
18 Hilma
19 Hooria Rashid
20 Abdullah
21 Rabi
22 Ishmal
23 Mariyam
24 Ijaz Ul Hassan
  25 Mian Haseeb
26 Abu Sufyan
27 Abdul Haq Hashim
28 Usman
29 Abdullah Akram

Event Schedule 2022-23

Events Tentative Dates
Cake cutting 03rd November, 2022
Welcome Party Batch’22 15th November, 22
Movie day 15th December, 22
Sketch competition 24th December, 22
Essay Writing 29th December, 22
Business Tech competition 6th January, 2023
Importance of the supply chain in textile Skill set for supply chain manager 20th January, 2023
Workshop on Resume & Interviews 5th February, 2023
Declamation Contest 15th May, 2023
Awareness days on Leadership 25th March, 2023
Annual dinner 15th March, 2023
Farewell Party 15th May, 2023
Seminar on Business law & Ethics

Events of the Excecutive Society

Previous Work:

  • Seminar on Business Law
  • Seminar on Islamic banking
  • Workshop of resume and CV writing
  • Workshop of MS Excel
  • Cake cutting ceremony
  • Welcome party
  • Farewell party
  • Workshop on Competency Framework
  • Workshop On global Compliance standard
  • NTU-INTERLOOP All Pakistan Business Plan Competition.
  • Presentation Of Business Ideas
  • Business Idea Exhibition
  • Executive Society Interviews
  • RAAST student ambassador program
  • State Bank Faisalabad
  • Islamic practice in Business and Amad-e-Ramadan
  • Extra-Curricular Cake Cutting Ceremony BBA
  • Tour of Business students to State Bank Faisalabad

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President Convener
Muhammad Usama Shaffique
Contact no: 0306-9512031


Muhammad Shahzaib
Contact no: 0307-5669085
Nazish Imtiaz
Contact no:+92-41-9230081-82


FACEBOOK PAGE LINK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087023389787&mibextid=LQQJ4d

Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/executivesociety22/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D