NTU Horticulture Society

The society believes on“better environment provides better health with solid minds”. NTU Horticulture society provides the lay out for those who loves nature and plants. It raises the responsibility and awareness towards the environment and promotes greenery and colorfulness for both on campus and for Pakistan.  The society proposes small measures to take the interest of students and staff for the sustainability of environment. Horticulture society emerges the creativity and esthetics to promote the sustainable use of plants with waste materials, Dry flower arrangement and waste management techniques.

The society has very clear motive “let’s save our mother nature and join the race to make the world a better place”that’s how tries for the better transformation of this motive in to NTU community. Many activities may plan to make the landscape of campus more attractive and beautiful.

“The gardens are designed to meet the spiritual, physical, and psychological needs of the people.”

Horticulture society is an organization devoted to the study and culture of cultivated plants. Such organizations may be local, regional, national, or international. Some have a more general focus, whereas others are devoted to a particular kind or group of plants.


To recognize and support excellence achieved in scientific research and development in the field of Horticulture by inter-disciplinary teams, recognized institutions, learned societies and industry.


Following are the objectives of NTU Horticulture society:

  1. Awareness about environmental safety
  2. Promotion of circulation of horticultural information
  3. Saving environment through introducing horticultural activities
  4. Engaging youth and others in the study of horticulture via holding exhibitions and awarding premiums
  5. Introduction of new methods and styling of gardening
  6. Holding meetings for instruction and discussions on subjects connected with the theory and practice of horticulture
  7. Restoring nature relationships in university
  8. Planting for future
  9. Promote the educational and training opportunities and encourage the development of all disciplines within horticulture
  10. One of the main leisure pursuits – gardening
  1. To promote the profession of Horticulture and the professionalism of those working in the industry
  2. To co-operate with other bodies on matters of common concern
  3. Encouragement about improvement of private and public grounds

Future Goals

  • Involvement and collaboration of youth in horticultural activities
  • Lectures on awareness and importance of gardening
  • Workshops on advanced methods of gardening and planting by comparing with traditional methods
  • Celebrate World Environment Day- 5th June
  • House Plant Show
  • Winter Flower Show
  • Annual Flower Show
  • Summer Garden Competition
  • Publish the proceedings and all horticulture activities within a calendar year


  • Eligibility to join: Open to all students of the University.
  • To join the society: Please contact the Society Office Bearers

Our Society Office Bearers

President Convener
M Asif Aslam


Dr. Zubair Khaliq                               

Facebook Link: https://web.facebook.com/HorticultureSocietyNTU/