Business Research and Development Society

Vision statement:

Make department of management science an ultimate research-based institute by minimizing the gap between industry and academia through scholars, able to address real-time issues and contribute to industrial performance as well as national development.”

Mission statement:

“Business Research and development Society is aimed to build a dynamic, interactive, and learning oriented Environment for young scholars of Department of management sciences, to Guide, polish and enhance modern technical skills and abilities of researchers by providing an environment and framework in which young scholars can learn and achieve excellence. And also provide a platform for researchers to convene, collaborate, integrate and interact with other scholars and professionals from industry and academia.”


  1. To promote research collaboration and to foster research and development of students
  2. To provide support to academics and research students in pursuing research excellence
  3. To advance knowledge in academia and transfer knowledge to the relevant industries
  4. To train and develop students of graduate studies with modern research tools and enhance their skills
  5. To disseminate research outputs scientifically, rigorously, and ethically and to ensure that the outputs carry practical impact and meaningfulness to the target population

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President Convener
Imran mahmood