Society of Textile Chemists


The Department of Textile Processing occupies an eminent position in the University. It provides trained and highly qualified man-power to the textile processing industry. The department offers a four-year degree program through a range of courses covering all areas of wet processing of textile materials.The theoretical knowledge is strengthened with extensive practical work.The department hosts a blend of conventional and modern processing machines for practical training of the students.Our graduates are holding important positions in the industry from production to management. They are also engaged in sales of textile chemicals, dyes and pigments of multi-national organizations.The students get internship in the industry and make frequent visits to obtain comprehensive knowledge and to see latest trends of the industry.

The society of textile chemists STC is the technical society of Textile processing department. This is the plate form for the student of Textile processing society to take part in curricular as well as in extra-curricular activities to gain technical knowledge about wet processing, to build character and to improve the management skills of students. STC arrange technical lectures and industrial tours for students.

Aims and objectives

Our mission is

  • To build character, groom personality and enlighten soul through imparting the light of education, learning, and awareness.
  • To provide opportunities for specialized learning, covering the whole spectrum of happenings in textile industry specially textile processing industry, and develop “versatile” graduates with vision, a sense of social responsibility and innovative rational ability.
  • To educate, aware, and train students of textile processing department to become leaders, and to take part in the management and career planning.
  • To aware the students of Textile Processing department about their career prospects and areas for working.
  • To develop the society of textile chemists as a comprehensive, research-led, endeavoring society with a focus on advance technology, quality education, innovation, entrepreneurship and community service.
  • To encourage members to contribute and participate in all activities such as research, product development, and event management.
  • To stimulate students interest in healthy and positive activities.
  • To improve communication skills of society bearers.
  • To encourage healthy competition among students of Textile processing department.
  • To hold events, by inviting speakers from industry and academia to educate and aware students and enhance their leadership and decision-making qualities.
  • To provide practical knowledge and training to students through industrial tours and internships.

Our Society Office Bearers

President Vice President General Secretary
Muhammad Jahanzaib

Contact no: 0303-0239770

Muhammad Haider

Contact no: 0311-7546955

Ziad Ali

Contact no: 0348-1917954

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