HEC Approved Supervisors

(School of Engineering & Technology)

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Member Research Interests / E-Mail
1. Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain Functional Materials including Nanofibers and Nanoparticles; Comfort & Protective Properties of Textiles; Textile Dyeing, Finishing and Coating; Modelling and Predicting Textile Behaviour; Medical Textiles rector@ntu.edu.pk


2. Dr. Yasir Nawab Advanced Materials, Engineered Textile Structures & Composites, Technical Textiles, Textile Machinery and Instrument Design, Textile Modeling and Simulation ynawab@ntu.edu.pk


3. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Fiber Assemblies, Medical, Protective and Sports Textiles, Machinery Development and Modeling drzulfiqarali70@gmail.com
4. Dr. Rashid Masood Biomaterials for Healthcare, Flame Retardant Materials; Microencapsulation Technology, Surface Modification of Textiles; Plasma Technologies for Textiles; Medical and Healthcare Textiles rashid@ntu.edu.pk
5. Dr. Sheraz Ahmad Textile Fibres, Natural Fibre reinforced composites, Technical Textiles, Textile Machine design and Instrumentation sheraz@ntu.edu.pk
6. Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid Protective Textiles, Comfort Properties of Textiles, Advanced Materials, Textile Structures, Composites & Nano composites, Textile Machinery and Instrument Design. hafsa@ntu.edu.pk
7. Dr. Abher Rasheed Clothing Engineering & E Textiles, Quality abher.rasheed@ntu.edu.pk
8. Dr. Munir Ashraf Nanomaterials, Surface functionalization, Synthesis and Application of Functional Dyes and Finishes munir.ashraf01@gmail.com
9. Dr. Abdul Basit Polymer Fibers, Smart Materials, Advanced Materials and Polymer Composites basit_ntu@yahoo.com
10. Dr. Syed Talha Ali Hamdani Technical and Smart Textiles hamdani.talha@gmail.com
11. Dr. Zubair Khaliq Polymer Physics, Polymer Rheology, Advanced Polymer Materials, Technical Textiles and Fiber Assemblies zubair.khaliq@ntu.edu.pk
12. Dr. Abdul Jabbar Textile/fiber reinforced composites, Bio composites, Nan composites, Surface modification of natural fibers, Textiles/composites for personal protection, Nonwoven textiles, Yarn Engineering, Structure property relationship of spun yarns. abduljabbar@ntu.edu.pk


13. Dr. Ahsan Nazir Electrospun Materials (Medical Applications, Energy Applications, Filteration, Protective Applications, Antimicrobial, Photo catalysis, Sensors) Clothing Comfort (Thermo physiological comfort, Sensorial comfort, Sensory evaluation). ahsan@ntu.edu.pk
14. Dr. M. Bilal Qadir Nonomaterials, Nano Composites and their application in energy devices like Solar Cells, Batteries, and Super Capacitor. Functional nanomaterials, Functional & Smart Textiles, Technical Textiles, Surface modification of Nanomaterials, Yarn Manufacturing, Functionalized Fibers, Fabric Comfort, Fancy Yarns. bilal.qadir@ntu.edu.pk
15. Dr. M. Ali Afzal Textiles Machinery and Instrument design, Technical Textiles, Engineered Textile Structures & Composites, Advanced Materials, Clothing Engineering, Textile Modeling and Simulation. aliafzal@ntu.edu.pk


16. Dr. Muhammad Umair Weaving, 3D/multilayer woven structures, Spacer/sandwich structures, 3D composites, Functional Composites, Green composites, Mechanical characterization, Fabric comfort, Statistical analysis mumair@ntu.edu.pk


17. Dr. Khubab Shaker Weaving, 3D/multilayer woven structures, Functional Composites, Green composites, Mechanical characterisation, Residual stresses, Resin flow, Finite Element Analysis khubab@ntu.edu.pk


18. Dr. Kashif Iqbal Textile dyeing, Textile finishing, functional textiles, micro/nano-encapsulation, thermoregulating textiles, phase change materials, Finite element analysis, modeling and simulation, Advanced characterization techniques kashif.iqbal@ntu.edu.pk


19. Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Rehan Polymer nano composite, Polymer membrane, Desalination , Water treatment zarehan@ntu.edu.pk


(School of Science, Department of Computer Science)

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Member Research Interests / E-Mail
1. Dr. Muhammad Asif Data Science, Machine learning, GIS, Software Engineering asif@ntu.edu.pk, asi135@gmail.com
2. Dr. Muhammad Asif Habib Computer Networks (Information Network Security (Access Control/Authorization), Cloud Computing Security) drasif@ntu.edu.pk / dr.m.asif.habib@gmail.com
3. Dr. Rehan Ashraf Image classification, Image retrieval, Content-Based Image Retrieval, Machine learning, Computer vision rehan@ntu.edu.pk / rehan_ashraf94@yahoo.com
4. Dr Chaudhry Muhammad Nadeem Faisal E-commerce, usability testing, User interface design, User acceptance testing, User experience design, Databases, Requirement engineering & analysis, Human-computer-interaction. nadeem.faisal@ntu.edu.pk / cfaisal@acm.org
5. Dr. Mudassar Ahmad Networks, Congestion Control, Big Data, IoT. mudassar@ntu.edu.pk / mudassar.utm@gmail.com
6. Dr. Haseeb Ahmad Data Mining (Classification, Prediction, Online Social Networks, Recommender Systems and other similar topics). Information Security (Privacy preservation, Authentication and other similar topics). haseeb_ad@ntu.edu.pk
7. Dr. Isma Hamid behavior analysis, visualization, Image processing, Pattern recognition and big data analysis ismahamid@ntu.edu.pk
8. Dr. Toqeer Mahmood Image processing, image forensics, steganography, Content-based image retrieval, machine learning toqeer.mahmood@ntu.edu.pk/

(School of Science, Department of Applied Science)

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Member Research Interests / E-Mail
1. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir Hussain (Professor of Chemistry) Synthesis and application of dyes and pigments. Isolation and application of natural dyes and pigments. Synthesis and application of textile auxiliaries. Synthesis of polymeric materials for preparation of functional textiles. mtahirhussain@ntu.edu.pk, mtahirhussain@gmail.com
2. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Raza (Associate Professor Chemistry) Applied Chemistry,Biomaterials,Biosurfactants,Nano-biomaterials,Novel textile materials,Textile surface modification zaraza@ntu.edu.pk, zarazapk@yahoo.com
3. Dr. Muhammad Tahir Saddique Adsorption,Ion Exchange,Thermodynamics,Nanoparticle,Surface Charge,Characterization,Textile waste water mtahir@ntu.edu.pk, mtsaddique@yahoo.co.in