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I told you, ‘Please don’t posting sexts – if you get trapped, it’s porn

I told you, ‘Please don’t posting sexts – if you get trapped, it’s porn

The most popular cheerleader hanged by herself after an unclothed selfie circulated

“When my child was a student in twelfth grade, people was in fact taking photos regarding by themselves topless, not forgetting that goes around,” says Kellinger. “I had a discussion, a week before Audrie the amount of time suicide, with my man. Delete it. It is far from comedy.’ And you will seven days later, it took place. The newest men are just so dumb. They think it is comedy talking about an effective girl’s pussy. They don’t admiration individual-place borders.”

A good dding some other level off problem so you’re able to Audrie Pott’s dying was you to practically the exact same thing had taken place regarding urban area around three ages earlier. Last year, Jill Naber, a great freshman at the Saratoga’s sister college or university, Los Gatos High school, the full time suicide. This new photo went viral – appear to shared electronically lower to universities from inside the Fresno you to played against the Los Gatos organizations. Continue reading