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The Profound Strangeness in the Catholic Churcha€™s Latest Scandal

The Profound Strangeness in the Catholic Churcha€™s Latest Scandal

I will be on record arguing the Church should completely reconsider their theories on sexuality, such as contraception, same-sex interactions, and priestly celibacy

The trip of a premier administrator with the nation’s convention of Catholic bishops as a frequent Grindr consumer had been demonstrably an account. But what sort?

In regards to the creator: Peter Steinfels, a former publisher of Commonweal and religion journalist for your New York instances, is actually a teacher emeritus at Fordham institution and author of a People Adrift: The Crisis regarding the Roman Catholic chapel in the us.

When, it absolutely was asserted that the sight had been the house windows on the spirit. Now the mobile phone try. Hardly a story indeed there, somehow.

Except Jeffrey Burrill was Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill, the secretary-general of the U . S . discussion of Catholic Bishops. Along with his July 20 resignation got pushed by a newly based Catholic online newsletter utilizing commercially available data to locate his phone calls, activities, and actions since 2018. Continue reading