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12 explanations he is dating others (regardless of if he likes your)

12 explanations he is dating others (regardless of if he likes your)

1) You’re not the only person the guy loves

You happen to be astonished to hear which, although probably good reason why he or she is relationship anybody else was that he’s seeking them.

He might just have got a few times with you , but the guy loves your sufficient he desires look for where some thing wade.

He might supply an excellent smash to them and you will does not want to help you harm its thinking by letting you realize that he have other purposes.

It can be one of is own nearest and dearest, or ily associate otherwise buddy out-of their moms and dads. Simply speaking, it may be anybody!

It is not he cannot like you. He really does! But the point is, there are more people who make him feel as if they will provide what you dont.

He only desires have the ability to take pleasure in himself which have people who reminds your of everything else as well as the good moments he had before meeting your otherwise some one the newest as well.

Thus even though you such as for example your back, this doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t generate your end up being one thing way more in their mind.

2) He’s not certain that it does work-out along with you

No, it is because you are the original people he’s actually ever asked out. It is because he’s afraid which you’ll change him down otherwise one you may not like him enough.

Really, the fact is that he may maybe not know if it can exercise with you, and then he does not want so you’re able to chance shedding you in the event that one thing cannot wade well. Continue reading