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You might even disagree with my view on dating strategy

You might even disagree with my view on dating strategy

I’m not trying to rub in that you said something that offended someone, or anything like that. But you had made a strong comment and said something you really seemed to believe. Then when challenged, though, you claimed that it was just a joke. You called it “humor.” Maybe it was a humorous way of saying something, but it was also a point that you seemed to really be trying to make. posted by salvia at 1:25 PM on

This exchange has me wondering whether you are wrapping up too many things into the term “sense of humor,” and whether you are thinking that the problem is different senses of humor when the real turn-off might be some of your beliefs and attitudes about women and/or relationships

Just so you have another opinion, that wouldn’t put me off at all. Actually, if you said that to me, I’d be interested to hear the rest of the story. Hell, I have a “dead kitten in the freezer” story myself. posted by MexicanYenta at 8:00 PM on

Although honestly, okcupid’s not so bad for finding those who like the dark side of life; just don’t look too long at the profiles that don’t interest you. Search for the ones that do.

I honestly think the matching system is pretty good, and if you answer enough questions honestly you’ll match up well with people who share a similarly misanthropic outlook. I certainly have. Although this could be down to living in a major capital city – there are simply more people out there.

I totally know what you mean about being bored with Miss “I’m very laid back and like to go with the flow, I like all kinds of music, friends and family are very important to me.” They’re on every dating site, but OKCupid is the best site I’ve found for avoiding them. Continue reading