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14. “Cry Me a river” by the Justin Timberlake

14. “Cry Me a river” by the Justin Timberlake

That it 2002 strike by Justin Timberlake is reportedly regarding their damaged reference to Britney Spears. It informs the storyline out-of men which progresses immediately following his wife betrayed him of the cheating with various other son.

The woman will get a flavor of the heartache she actually is already been dishing away whenever her the new boy cheats on her behalf. She aims sympathy in the boy she got shortly after betrayed, however, he’s only a cold, rejecting cardiovascular system for her.

15. “Really don’t Wish to Continue on with You adore You to definitely” of the Elton John

That it sassy 1988 track from the Elton John laments brand new cheat ways off a partner exactly who indiscreetly possess several people unofficially:

And i usually do not wish move on with you adore thatDon’t want to feel a great feather in your capI simply never desire to let you know honey I is not madBut I don’t need continue on with you by doing this.

sixteen. “Liar” of the Profyle

Inside 2007 song, Profyle sings from the a man which discover his woman’s unfaithfulness. Continue reading