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18 Must-Try Ways to Incorporate Lube Into Your Sex Life

18 Must-Try Ways to Incorporate Lube Into Your Sex Life

When it comes to “things that make life better,” lube is right up there with puppies and red velvet cake. It makes every type of sex-whether penetrative or not-a zillion times more enjoyable. Really, it just makes things more fun, more comfortable, and more fulfilling.

It’s also a way to up the safeness of your sex. “Some lubricants may help prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs),” explains Amy Roskin, MD, chief medical officer of The Pill Club. Without enough lubrication, sex can cause too much friction, which may cause small skin tears, cuts, or irritation that can make infections more likely.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s break down the different types of lubes you could be using: There’s water, oil, petroleum, silicone, and hybrid lubes (which are normally a combo of silicone and water-based lubes), says sexuality educator Tanya Bass.

Generally, you should use water-based lube with latex condoms (since oil-based lubes can actually break down the latex), and silicone lube is great for when you’re getting it on in the water or having anal sex since it stays stickier for longer and won’t wash away. (More details on when to use every kind of lube right this way). Continue reading