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How To Put Facebook Dating Into Action

How To Put Facebook Dating Into Action

If youre using Tinder as well as wanting to try this upcoming feature out, check out my free list of 50 funny bios for you to copy

These options are Man, Woman, Trans-Woman, Trans-Man or Non-binary. Obviously, Facebook Dating is aiming to create an all-inclusive culture, which can only lift its number of users.

Next, Facebook Dating will urge you to answer up to 20 questions to help your potential matches paint a better picture of who you are. These questions include ‘what does your perfect day look like? and ‘dogs or cats? Something else?

Once your Facebook Dating profile has been set up, you will now be able to view other profiles. Facebook Dating works by suggesting to you people its algorithm feels you might like. With so much data on its users, the suggested singles may be really personalized and not so random.

The other way to view other singles is through ‘unlocking groups and events you are involved in or attending. Continue reading