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How To Return To The Dating World After COVID-19

How To Return To The Dating World After COVID-19

Let’s be honest here: Dating took a severe hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. With public places – like restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and other venues that single people frequent – closed for over a year, in-person dating fizzled.

Dating apps may have been buzzing with activity, but the follow-through was negligible, as everyone needed to hole up and stay safe.

Are we turning a corner now when it comes to dating? We just might be. As more and more people are getting vaccinated, and restrictions are being lifted, in-person dating is poised to make a comeback.

As much as singles may be itching to get back out there, some challenges lie ahead. After over a year of living in solitude, most are, well, kind of rusty when it comes to dating. A recent survey of 1,000 single women conducted by Nurx, a telehealth dating sites free platform, reported that 44% of them worry they’re out of practice. That’s not surprising, since 70% had less or no sex the past year.

And then there’s the challenge of how to approach dating. Should you revert to pre-pandemic levels regarding frequency and variety? Continue reading