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Sex with a married woman is always good, even if she’s not a hot wife

Sex with a married woman is always good, even if she’s not a hot wife

The Hot Wife Phenomenon Explained

Can you wrap your head around the idea of a man being okay with his wife having sex with other guys? That’s a hot wife and it’s a bigger thing than you might imagine with entire communities springing up around the idea. For some men there is genuinely nothing more arousing than the idea of his wife going out and sleeping with as many guys as she wants while he remains totally faithful. Sometimes the fantasy extends to things like buying lingerie for her to wear for her lovers, helping her get ready for dates, and even cleaning her up afterwards. It might sound repulsive to you, but you should open yourself to the idea of being escort in Santa Maria CA the other man in that scenario because it could mean the best sex of your life.

If she’s out cheating on her man in any way it’s going to be incredible because there’s an energy and passion and fervor you just don’t get when she’s your wife our long term girlfriend or even your casual hook up for the night. It’s the extra naughtiness that comes with her being a cheater that makes it great. Even if you don’t know she’s cheating, she feels it and the passion of it courses through her and makes her behave in ways she can’t tap into when she’s with her husband.

A hot wife has all of those qualities and more, fueled in large part because she’s cheating on her man and he knows it and approves of it. In fact, he’s turned on by it so she’s doubly aroused. She gets to be naughty by going way outside of societal boundaries and sexually exploring with other men while her husband is at home and totally faithful. For the hot wife the benefit is that she doesn’t have to feel guilty for cheating so she’s entirely free to simply enjoy the sex, which is the rarest of qualities in a married woman. Continue reading