Conference on Emerging Trends in Knitting

Day 1 (Wednesday) 07th February 2018

09:30-10:00        Reception & Registration
Opening Session
10:00-10:05 Recitation from Holy Quran  
10:05-10:10 National Anthem  
10:10-10:20 Opening Remarks/Presentation Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid
10:20-10:35 Address by Rector Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain
10:35-10:50 Address by Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association (PHMA) Chairman, PHMA
10:50- 11:10 Address by Chief Guest Minister of State for Commerce and Textiles, Mr. Akram Ansari
Shield distribution and group photo sessions with chief guest (speakers, organizers and distinguished guests)
Technical Session 1.
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Tahir Shah, Former Professor at UoB UK
11:20-11:45 Thermal comfort properties of selected knits in wet state Prof. Dr. Lubos Hes, Czech Republic



11:45-12:05 Knitting (past, present and future) Mr. M. Tahir Punjwani, Father of Pakistani Knitwear
12:05-12:25 Knitting in high performance applications CEO Nizam Sons Pvt. Ltd.
12:25-12:50 A review of advances in warp knitting Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Hassan Malik, UMT
12:50- 14:00 Shield distribution, prayer time & refreshment
Technical Session 2.
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Lubos Hes, Czech Republic
14:00-14:20 Emerging Trends in Knitting Mr. Zeeshan Azam, NTU
14:20-14:40 High strength nanofibers for lithium ion batteries Dr. Meltem Yanilmaz, ITU, Turkey
14:40-15:00 Prevailing trends in knitted fabric dyeing machines Dr. Mushtaq Mangat, CEO Moderno Fabrics
15:00-15:20 Roller printing, pre-and post-process, for knit fabrics Mr. Naveed Zafar, ARP
15:20-15:40 Possibilities of tubular knitting in design developments for Pakistani Knitting Industry Mr. Allah Dad, PIFD
15:40-16:00 Shield distribution among speakers & tea break
Technical Session 3.
Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Hassan Malik, UMT
16:00-16:15 Synthesis of nanoparticles for antimicrobial activity in undergarment fabrics. Dr. Samiyah Tasleem, FUUAST- Karachi


16:15-16:30 Use of RFID technology regarding real time production management in knitting garment industry Mr. Rana Sohail Ahmed, CEO Shan Associates
16:30-16:45 Current snares and imminent sustainability issues in Knitted apparels Dr. Zafar Javed, NTU
16:45-17:00 Issues and way forwards for quality cotton fiber in Pakistan Dr. Tassawar Hussain Malik, PCCC Sialkot
17:00-17:20 Thermal absorptivity model of knitted rib fabric, its experimental and theoretical verification Mr. Asif Mangat, Czech Republic

Dr. Mudassar Abbass, UMT

Shield distribution


Day 2 (Thursday) 08th February 2018

Technical Session 4.
Session Chair: Dr. Meltem Yanilmaz, ITU, Turkey
09:30-09:45 Development and applications of knitted fabric in technical textiles Prof. Dr. Tahir Shah, Former Prof. at UoB UK
09:45 -10:00 Development of comfortable, echo friendly antibacterial and protective socks for medical and sports applications with fashion trends. Mr. Saqib Nisar, CEO Sock-Oye
10:00 -10:15 Recent advances and developments in natural fibers, composites and machines Dr. M. Ridwan Bin Ishak, Malaysia
10:15 -10:30 Other side of the CPEC: Challenges on the way Mr. Iftikhar Ul Hassan, MTM
10:30-10:45 Knit fabric testing standards and customer satisfaction Mr. Qaiser Iqbal, Manager SGS Pakistan
10:45-11:05 Implementation of Quality Standards in Pakistan hosiery industry Mr. Yasuhiro Shoda, JICA Japan

Mr. Muhammad Ayub, PKTI

11:05 -11:20 Shield distribution & tea break
Technical Session 5.
Session Chair: Dr. Abdur Jabbar, Dean TIP Karachi
11-20:11:35 Improvements on handling of water resources in the textile industry and possible role of compliance for international buyer Mr. Bernhard Hartleitner, Germany
11:35-11:50 Development of puncture resistant knitted gloves Dr. Dawood Hussain, NED
11:50-12:05 Influence of intellectual capital in textile organizations Mr. Syed Shad Mustafa, CEO TMC
12:05-12:20 Spun yarn quality requirements for knitting industry Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, NTU
12:20-12:40 Removal of acid red from aqueous media using activated carbon from acrylic waste Dr. M. Salman Naeem, NTU
12:40-13:00 Investigation of functional properties of different blends of bamboo/acrylic knitted fabrics Mr. Uzair Hussain, NTU
13:00 -14:20 Shield distribution, prayer break and refreshment
Technical Session 6.
Session Chair: Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, Dean FET, NTU
15:20-15:40 Role, essentials and applied medical requirements of a knitted fabric as compression garments. Prof. Saeed Ashraf Cheema, Allied Hospital Faisalabad
14:20-14:40 A mobile based solution for the automation of Knitting calculations Dr. Muhammad Asif, NTU
15:00-15:20 Environmental friendly reactive dyeing of cotton knitted fabrics by exhaust dyebath re-use Dr. Abdul Jabbar, TIP
14:40-15:00 Development of mannequin by recycling paper technique Mrs. Arooba Mumtaz, NTU
15:40-16:00 Comparison of mechanical and comfort properties of dyeable polypropylene knitted fabrics Dr. Abdul Basit, NTU
16:00 -16:30 Closing Ceremony/Prize Distribution


Poster Presentations
S No. Title Authors
1- Investigation of end use performance characterization of basalt knitted fabric Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid
2- Study on reduction of pilling in sock Mr. Haritham Khan
3- Effect of virgin and regenerated Kevlar on cut resistance of gloves Mr. Haritham Khan
4- Effect of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Alternate Yarns on the Moisture Management Properties of Knitted Fabric Dr. Ahsan Nazir


5- Preparation of Cotton/ Acrylic/ Thermolite Tri-Blend Yarn for Thermal Comfort of Knitted Fabrics Dr. Muhammad Bilal Qadir


6- Development and Characterization of Water Wicking Behavior of Hosiery Yarns and Knitted Fabrics Amir Shahzad


7- Role of ICT to improve the quality and production of knitted fabrics Dr. Muhammad Asif
8- Effect of elastance and cotton percentage on dimensional stability of socks Mr. Sikander Abbas Basra
9- Impact of elastane percentage on stretch and recovery of socks Mr. Sikander Abbas Basra
10- Study of shrinkage of sandwich half terry socks Mr. Habib Awais
11- Thermo-Physiological comfort analysis of polyester cotton blended Interlock knitted fabrics Dr. Zulfiqar Ali
12- Comparison of dimensional behavior of fully fashion flat knitting panels prepared from wool and acrylic yarn Mr. Usman Ahmed
13- Thermo-Physiological Comfort Analysis of Polyester Cotton Blended Interlock Knitted Fabrics Dr. Ali Afzal,
14- Effect of monofilament spacer yarn on cushioning and durability properties of weft knitted spacer fabric Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed
15- Microencapsulated phase changing materials to develop thermoregulating smart textiles Dr. Kashif Iqbal
16- Study of energy efficient wall materials in concrete Mr. Ali Raza