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Job Descriptions of PTs and ATs


 Job Description of Program Team will be the following:

  1. To attend the SAR meetings as and when required.
  2. To ensure that Self Assessment Mechanism is being implemented as per given guidelines.
  3. To collect and document all the information required to fulfill the prescribed standards under each criterion.
  4. To provide justification for each standard if it is not applicable.
  5. To prepare drafts of the SAR on the given dead line and send them to QEC for timely feedback.
  6. To keep the record of all the supporting documents addressing various standards of the SAR.
  7. To circulate all the applicable feedback forms to the target stakeholders and include the analysis of the same in the SAR.
  8. To communicate with the management on the effectiveness and suitability of the SA mechanism.
  9. To coordinate with other departments and faculty members as and when required for the completion of the SAR.


 Job Description of Assessment Team will be the following:

  1. To attend SAR briefing as and when required
  2. To review SAR report as per guidelines provided by QEC and mark areas for review further.
  3. To visit department with QEC members and verify the contents of SAR.
  4. To attend meetings on the findings of visits and sharing of experiences.
  5. To draft a report on the prescribed format on the findings of visits.

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