MS Business Administration (1.5 Years)

The programme objectives are:
• To develop in students the skill of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in the context of business decisions.
• To provide students with the knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of the operation of the various
types of business organizations.
• To develop an awareness in the changing and integrated nature of business problems and the ability to explore
and deal with those problems.
• To develop the ability to identify and evaluate the ethical, global, and societal implications of doing business as
an organization.
• To develop in pupils the importance of research orientation and focus on academic research having practical
applications in real life.

The programme objectives are:

  1. To develop in students the skill of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in the context of business decisions.
  2. To provide students with the knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of the operation of the various types of business organizations.
  3. To develop an awareness in the changing and integrated nature of business problems and the ability to explore and deal with those problems.
  4. To develop the ability to identify and evaluate the ethical, global, and societal implications of doing business as an organization.
  5. To develop in pupils the importance of research orientation and focus on academic research having practical applications in real life.

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First Semester

Code Course Title Theory Lab Credit Hours
 MGT-6091  Advanced Research  Methods  3  0  3
 MGT-6092  Strategic Finance  3  0  3
 MGT-6093  Strategic Marketing  3  0  3
 MGT-6094  Organization Theory &  Design  3  0  3
 Total 12    

Second Semester

CodeCourse Title Theory Lab Credit Hours
 MGT-6095  Project Management  3  0  3
 MGT-6096  Leadership and  Organizational Behavior  3  0  3
   Elective  3  0  3
   Elective  3  0  3
 Total 12    

Third Semester

Code Course Title Theory Lab Credit Hours
   *Elective  3  0  3
   *Elective  3  0  3
    Elective  3  0  3
    Elective  3  0  3
 Total  12    
 Total Credit Hours of Program 36    

*Instead of electives, Research Thesis of 6 credit hours is compulsory for MS students.

MGT-6081 Business Economics

This course aims at imparting knowledge of basic economic principles to the business students. It covers micro-and macroeconomic issues that are essential for managers and professionals. The course starts with basic microeconomic concepts such as demand, supply, elasticity’s, production and cost. Having established the solid ground of the basics of microeconomics, parts of macroeconomics including national income accounts, aggregate demand, aggregate supply, concepts of inflation and unemployment, major macroeconomic policy operations will be dealt with. After completing the course the students will be able to apply principles of economics to solve economic problems being faced by both public and private sectors of Pakistan.

MGT-6082 Business Math and Stats

The scope of the course is to see the horizon of Mathematics & Statistics application in business and financial affairs. The course stresses business applications using arithmetic, algebra, and ratioproportion and graphing. Applications include payroll, cost-volume-profit analysis and merchandising mathematics. The course also includes Statistical Representation of Data, Correlation, Time Series and Exponential Smoothing, Elementary Probability and Probability Distributions. This course stresses logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

MGT-6083 Financial Accounting

The primary aim of Financial Accounting is to provide students with an introduction to the process and function of financial reporting. Whilst a large proportion of the course is aimed at understanding accounting as a process, taking a preparers’ perspective, we will also seek to develop an understanding of the importance of the role of accounting in today’s society.

MGT-6084 Marketing Management

Marketing management course is geared toward providing an understanding of the rationale for marketing decisions from a managerial perspective and the manipulation of marketing mix to achieve business goals. Practically marketing management encompasses activities such as demand creation and Stimulation, positioning, product differentiation, and product and brand management among others. All these activities involve planning, analysis, and decision-making. This course will require the integration of theory and practice. Students will have to make strategic marketing decisions based on analytical techniques they have learned in this course. They will have to devise a marketing plan that is based on a sound conceptual framework, and with a focus on its practical applicability.

MGT-6085 Theory and Practice of Management

This is an introductory course about the management of organizations. It provides instructions on principles of management that have general applicability to all types of enterprises; basic management philosophy and decision making; principles involved in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; and recent concepts in management. The principles learned in this course will allow the student to effectively work with and through others in an organization. The course will also encourage the students to explore and inquire the applicability of western management principles and theories in local settings. Besides, the course will discuss the Islamic perspective of managing businesses and organizations.

MGT-6086 Financial Management

Financial Management course aims at imparting knowledge about the fundamental concepts and tools of financial management. It emphasizes the importance of financial management skills to individuals and enterprises. You are expected to gain an initial understanding of the finance function in an organization, the role of the finance manager and the financial environment in which the firm operates. The financial environment covers the understanding of financial and capital markets along with the broad orientation of macroeconomic factors affecting the business. The emphasis will remain on developing the skills for planning, appraising and evaluating the investment, financing and operating decisions.

MGT-6087 Human Resource Management

This course is basically designed to provide students the basic understanding of key HRM functions, which include HR planning, recruitment & selection, compensation, performance evaluation, and training & development. Since human resource provides a competitive advantage that ultimately has a vital role in success and effectiveness of any organization, this course emphasizes on the understanding of the basic concepts of managing human resource and their applications in today’s organizations. The course is designed to help the students understand if western 48 National Textile University human resource management theories and practices have any relevance to the local settings. The course will also discuss the Islamic perspective of managing human resource. It will shed light on the basic tenets of human resource management given by Qura’n and Sunnah. The students will also be encouraged to compare and contrast the human resource practices suggested in their text books and the practices critical for achieving success from indigenous perspective.

MGT-6088 Business Law

The course basically deals with the introduction of those commercial laws which are directly or indirectly related to Business. It includes a short study of contract law, partnership Act, companies’ ordinance and Negotiable instrument The emphasis in this course is to introduce the students with the basic concepts of conventional business law and its implementation in the contemporary financial institutions. The course is outlined in such a way to show the basic philosophy of conventional Business Law along with some example from case study.

MGT-6089 Business Communication

This course enhances your communication skills. It further builds on the experience and exposure necessary to develop outstanding presentations & communication talents. It examines the theoretical and practical concepts of public speaking. The course will also help you to create a standing and authority through well applied dialectic.

MGT-6090 Business Research Methods

This course is designed to give an overview of the principles and methods of business research: identification of research question, development of theoretical framework and model, securing the respondents, making a test investigation, sampling, collecting data, types and errors of collected data, tabulating and analyzing the information, interpreting the findings and stating the conclusion through a series of class projects. Practical experience is offered to the students on how research techniques and procedures are applied to solve the business problems. This course is also designed to encourage the students to explore the application of theories that have been predominantly developed in Western cultures by using different research method techniques. An understanding of the relevance of Western research for local practice would help students to explore various business related problems and their plausible solutions from indigenous perspective. The course will also help the students in understanding the importance of the business research as a management decision tool and in dealing with various business-related theoretical and applied problems.

MGT-6091 Advance Research Methods

This course emphasis is on the research design, instrument development, data collection techniques and methods of evaluation in applied settings. Additionally to business research methodology contents, students also become of familiar with the policy implications of business research outcomes. It is intended to introduce students’ ways of conceptualizing problems, designing research, collecting data, and interpreting those data. It also examines implications and consequences of choices among alternative approaches. On the successful completion of this course students should be able to acquaint with research processes and assumptions and they can introduce
alternative methods and logics of inquiry which will make students more discriminating consumers of others’ research and promote the development of their research. They will develop research skills which will be required for planning and executing research projects, including; conducting literature review, articulating research questions, justifying a research approach and methodology, designing a study and selecting specific methods and techniques appropriate for answering the questions and conducting data collection, analyzing data and presenting research results. The key topics includes, research methods in management sciences, research problems and how to explore them and how to conduct literature search, research paradigms and approaches-assumptions of positivist, interpretive and critical approach, quantitative research methods, survey based research, statistical modeling techniques, selecting statistical packages tutorials (SPSS etc), qualitative research methods, ethnographic research, cross-paradigm and multi method research, writing the research proposal and structure, from research question to research designjustifying the methodology and writing strategies.

MGT-6092 Strategic Finance

The aim of this course is to examine the theoretical underpinnings of corporate finance and see how they are applied. The material is a continuation of what was taught in the first year Financial Management course. There will be more emphasis on “how corporate financing is really done’. The emphasis of Financial Management course was on skill development while this course emphasis is on theoretical and conceptual understanding of financial management function and its application in real life scenario.

MGT-6093 Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing Management is an advance level Marketing course. The aim of the course is to develop a strategic thinking approach to marketing. It aims to help students understand how companies compete using marketing strategy and its correlates focusing on achieving a competitive advantage for the firm by creating customer value and leveraging the firm’s marketing resources in the most efficient and effective manners. It builds upon the basic concepts of Marketing, which the students have learned in their previous marketing courses and to prepare students to grasp the complex issues of specialized courses like Business policy, etc. In this course students are exposed
to a dynamic world of marketing activities using a number of approaches and to enable the students to understand the practical issues that are critical to develop performance orientation. Principles, concepts and analytical tools are taught employing real life examples from both Pakistan’s and international corporate world. This will enable the students to develop skills and competency to apply analytical tools and develop appropriate strategic marketing
plans and manage its implementations. After taking this course students are better equipped, both mentally and academically; they understand various terms and concepts and understand how and when to apply them. It prepares them to take on the real life challenges and to add value to the organization for which they will work.

MGT-6094 Organization Theory & Design

Business is changing at break-neck speed so managers must be increasingly active in reorganizing their firms to gain a competitive edge. Organizational Theory, Design, and Change continue to provide students with the most up-to-date and contemporary treatment of the way managers attempt to increase organizational effectiveness. Organization theory and design gives us the tools to evaluate and understand how a huge, powerful firm like Lehman Brothers can die and a company like Bank of America can emerge almost overnight as a giant in the industry. It enables us to comprehend how a band like the Rolling Stones, which operates like a highly sophisticated global
business organization, can enjoy phenomenal success for nearly half a century, while others with equal or superior talent don’t survive. Organization theory helps us explain what happened in the past, as well as
what may happen in the future, so that we can manage organizations more effectively.

MGT-6095 Project Management

Projects have been part of the human scene since civilization started, yet the practice of project management is quite recent. The concepts and tools required to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate a project are equally applicable to such diverse ventures as launching of a space shuttle, developing curriculum in primary education, or organizing a trekking trip to the K-2 base camp. The purpose of this course is to expose students to the real-life issues in project management, and equip them with necessary tools to resolve these issues. Use of quantitative techniques is supplemented by softer skills of leadership and human resource management.

MGT-6096 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior (OB) is an interdisciplinary field drawing from numerous disciplines including psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, organization theory, statistics, and many others. Effective management of human resources within organizations requires an understanding of various behavior and processes. Managers need to know why people behave as they do in relation to their jobs, their work groups and their organizations. This knowledge of individuals’ perceptions, motivational attitudes and behavior will enable managers to not only understand themselves better, but also to adopt appropriate managerial policies and leadership styles to increase their effectiveness. The focus of instruction will move progressively through the individual, group and organizational levels of behavior and will examine the interrelationships of behavioral phenomena among these levels. Additionally, concepts such as motivation, communication and leadership and their relevance to organizational behavior will be examined in detail. The course is also designed to help the students understand if Western Organizational Behavioral theories and practices have any relevance to the local settings. The course will also discuss the Islamic perspective of understanding and directing humanbehavior in a specific directions.

 MBA / MS (1.5 Years)
 BBA (4 Years),BSTMM(4 Years) BBS, M.Com or Equivalent  70% weightage
 NTU Admission Test  10% weightage
 Interview  20% weightage


Fee Head1st 2nd3rd
Tuition Fee 36000 36000 36000
Admission Fee 20000 - -
Degree Fee - - 5000
Certificate Verification Fee 2000 - -
Processing Fee - 5000 -
University Security 5000 - -
Red Crescent  Donation 100 - -
University Card Fee 300 - -
Library Fee 1000 1000 1000
Examination Fee 3000 3000 3000
Medical Fee 2000 2000 2000
Student Activity Fund 2000 2000 2000
Endowment Fund 1000 1000 1000
Transport Fee* 5000 5000 5000
TOTAL 77400 55000 55000

* There is no Transport Fee for Hostel Resident but they will pay hostel charges

Step 1:

Get the ADMISSION FORM from the NTU Office of Graduate Studies & Research (by paying Rs. 2000/-, which includes the application processing fee).

Step 2 : Fill in the ADMISSION FORM
Step 3 : In case you downloaded the ADMISSION FORM from the website, deposit application processing fee of Rs.2000/- in the bank branch mentioned on the downloaded ADMISSION FORM.
 Step 4: 

Attach the following documents with the filled-in ADMISSION FORM:

  1. Two recent passport size photographs.
  2. One attested copy each of Matriculation, Intermediate or equivalent result cards.
  3. One attested copy of BBA (4 Years),BSTMM(4 Years) BBS, M.Com or equivalent degree & transcript.
  4. One attested copy of valid Domicile Certificate.
  5. Attested copy of National Identity Card.
  6. Bank Deposit Receipt of Rs. 2000/- in case you downloaded the ADMISSION FORM from the website.
Step 5 :

Submit the filled-in ADMISSION FORM along with all the documents (mentioned in Step 4 above) by hand in NTU Office of Graduate Studies & Research.


Courier the filled-in ADMISSION FORM along with all the documents (mentioned in Step 4 above) at the following address:

Office of Graduate Studies & Research
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