Knitting Department Semester Planning Meeting Thursday March 2, 2017

Knitting Department, during semester break, arranged knowledge sharing sessions in which different presentations were scheduled to exchange knowledge among faculty and staff members. Presentation included  

 1- Presentation by Mr. Haritham Khan on " Capacity Development Training in South Korea" and implications 


2- Presentation by Dr. Hafsa Jamsahid on PhD Research and its implications

3- Presentation by Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed on "StarFish and MS Thesis plus importance "

4- Presentation by Mr. Muzammal Hussain on MS thesis and its importance

5- Presentation by Mr. Waqas Ashraf on MS thesis and its importance

6- Presentation by Mr. Habib Awais on MS thesis and its importance

Concluding Knowledge Sharing Sessions, Chairperson Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid also chaired Semester Planning Meeting in which different ways were sorted out to carry activities of spring 2017 according to revised program and course outcomes. It was stressed to make all possible means to complete courses on time and keep students satisfied.