Development and Marketing of Stretch Yarn and Fabric

Society of Textile Spinners 2016-17 (STS) had arranged a lecture on “Development and marketing of stretch yarn and fabric” for the students of NTU in the main hall of National Textile University Faisalabad on April 20, 2017. Speaker for the lecture was Mr. Zaheer Anwar Randhawa, who is working with HYOSUNG Company (South Korea) as marketing manager since 2008. HYOSUNG Company offers the world’s best tire cords and produces high tenacity yarns for industrial applications, seat belts, airbag fabric in automobile industry. HYOSUNG is the only comprehensive carpets maker in the country of Korea. Hyosung has developed aramid fibers and high performance carbon fibers with its independent technology.

The objective of this seminar was to enlighten the students about development and marketing of stretch yarn and fabric. Speaker highlighted some rules of marketing which are essential for students in their professional life for success. In this lecture Mr. Zaheer Anwar discussed the current situation of spinning industry and their company. He also introduced with the products of his company. This lecture was very beneficial for student and they appreciated the knowledge.