German Ministry of Education Project

German Ministry of Education funds the project InoCottonGROW: water foot prints into Cotton to FiW and university of Aachan to be carried out in Pakistan and partially in Turkey. Team NTU, joining hands with them. NTU will work with them as partner. The meeting  with worthy Rector NTU,  Dr.Tanveer Hussain was arranged due to continuous efforts headed by Dr. Waseem Ibrahim, in coordinative support of Dr. Ahsan, Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid and  Sir Uzair Hussain  .  Partners represntatatives, Dr.Ing Wolfgang Kirchhof ,Dr Frank-Andreas Weber  and Christian Grimm are quite positive to work with NTU.

  The reasrach activities under this project and plans for the kick off Workshop will be held in July 2017 in NTU.