Quality Enhancement Cell has completed the 2nd Cycle of Self-Assessment Process for MS Textile Engineering Program

Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of National Textile University has completed the 2nd Cycle of Self-Assessment Process for MS Textile Engineering Program. The Assessment Team visited Faculty of Engineering & Technology for the Assessment of MS Textile Engineering Program on June 15, 2017. The Self-Assessment Team was comprised on the following members: Dr. Asad Farooq, Assistant Professor, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Dr. Muhammad Mohsin, Assistant Professor, University of Engineering & Technology, Faisalabad Campus, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, Director, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Dr. Yasir Nawab, Director, Graduate Studies and Research, NTU, Dr. Sheraz Ahmad, Assistant Professor, Director, GSR, NTU, Mr. Muhammad Nisar Bhatti, Director QEC, Dr. Kashif Iqbal, Assistant Professor (Program Team Member), Dr. Abdul Basit, Assistant Professor, (Program Team Member) and Engr. Farakh Javed, Assistant Director QEC.

During the visit, Assessment Team evaluated the program in compliance with the HEC’s prescribed Assessment Criterion and Recommendation Form. They visited departmental facilities like labs, library and classrooms. They also interviewed faculty members of the department and students of the program and appreciated the existing facilities of the academic program and give their recommendations for upgrading the same.