All Pakistan Sizing Industries Association, FCCI and National Textile University join hands

A delegation of FCCI and All Pakistan Sizing Industry Association visited weaving department of NTU to join hands to make Sizing Industry cost and energy efficient.

Ex. President FCCI Ch. Muhammad Nawaz, Vice President FCCI Ahmad Hasan, Ex. President All Pakistan Sizing IndustriesAssociation Haji Talib Hussain, Ch. Zahid Rashid (Chairman) along with Mr.MianAjmal (Secretary general) visited Weaving Department of National Textile Universityto discuss utilization of newly developed lab scale sizing machine by NTU for the benefit of the industry. Ch. Muhammad Nawaz thanked Pakistan Science Foundation for funding the project and NTU for development of this machine which is very important and need of the industry.

Dr. Yasir Nawab (Principal Investigator) & Mr. Muhammad Ayub Asghar(Co-Principal Investigator) briefed the delegation about the features of newly developed machine.The machine consumes 20-30% less energy due to innovative heating/drying system. It also offers economical trial run for standardization of sizing recipe and optimization of cost.

NTU team and delegation from industry agreed that NTU team will visit three (top, average, and low-level) sizing industriesproposed by Sizing Industries Association and then advise them changes for energy saving in the existing setups. Furthermore, NTU will examine the existing sizing recipes and standardize them using newly developed sizing machine so that cost and quality of sizing may be improved.Focal Person Mr. Muzammal Hussain & NTU team thanked Mr. Ahmad Hassan (VP FCCI) for his efforts to strengthen academia-industry collaboration.