Student of NTU participated in Youth Leadership Conference, USA Atlanta

Mr. Azeem Yousaf, a student of MS, has recently been to United State of America to attend Youth Leadership Conference in first week of August 2017. The conference held in Atlanta, for a selected group of highly qualified youth, included intensive leadership training, an innovation and entrepreneurial workshop, community service training, and meetings with successful leaders in a small group interactive setting.  Mr. Azeem was one out of 22 Youth Leaders from 16 developing countries. Here is how Mr.  Azeem Yousaf shares his experience.

It’s a blessing for me to be part of this conference and it became possible because of my parents and teacher’s prayers. I am very thankful to Sir. Haritham Khan who always guided me especially for this conference. I got the International platform where I discussed numerous problems like unemployment, challenges and opportunities for Pakistani youth. Mentors from various countries were also part of this conference and they guided us how we can participate in betterment of our Youth, our societies. We have been given task to work on different projects beneficial for our societies and in case of any potential project(s) KECTIL USA will fund it. Im sure this international exposure will fuel my energies and ambitions to work for the better of my society and people living around me.”