Faculty and Staff Training at Interloop Hosiery Pvt Ltd. Faisalabad

Department of Knitting had arranged 3 days technical training on sock machines started from 13-15th Sept 2017 at TTS (Technical Training Center) Interloop Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Hafsa Jamshaid, Chairperson Knitting, Mr. Haritham Khan, Lecturer Knitting, Mr. Hafiz Shahbaz, Lecturer Knitting and Mr. Tariq Mehmood, In charge Knitting Lab participated in it. During this training, mechanical working of machine for novel products and some technical projects in order to strengthen industrial-University liaison were focused.   At the end of training session, a very productive meeting with Executive Director Operations, Executive Director OD and General Manager Operations were arranged. Different projects and collaborations are discussed for which department of Knitting is very thankful to Mr. Adeel Tahir sb, GM Ops and his team, especially of Mr. Muhammad Sajjad, PM In charge Knitting-II HD-01, for his nice arrangement and organization.