NTU WINGS Society arranged an event on gender inequality

NTU WINGS society in collaboration with Arts and Culture Society arranged an event on gender discrimination. The event included creative speech written and delivered by the girls of NTU, followed by an informative play performed by the talented members of Arts and culture society. The aim of arranging this event was to boost up the confidence of girls, and make them able to raise their voice in front of the opposite gender not for the sake of feminism but to promote equality and harmony.

The play performed by the arts and culture society also portrayed the same theme. The play promoted the idea that sometimes it’s not the man who becomes the financial support of the family, but it’s the underestimated woman who actually becomes the man of the house. Despite being ignored, discouraged, and blamed, she keeps trying and soon achieves success. The play also focused on the attitude of the typical families of our society, who initially hate and discourage their daughters for making a difference, but when she succeeds in doing so, the family starts looking up to her.

The overall theme of the play is to encourage the women of our society to start making a difference in order to stand next to a man, because Allah created Hawa from the side of Adam, to stand with him, not before him, not after him.