Board of Studies Meeting of Weaving Department

A meeting of Departmental Board of Studies of the Department of Weaving was held on February 14, 2018. The agenda of meeting was to discuss and update the course specifications according to the future aspects of weaving industry. Besides, alignment of FY thesis with the needs of industry was also discussed. The members of the board are Dr. Yasir Nawab, Assistant Professor NTU, Fsd (Chairman), Dr. Muhammad Zubair, Assistant Professor NTU, Fsd, Dr. Talha Ali Hamadni, Assistant Professor NTU, Fsd, Mr.  M. Ayub Ashar, Assistant Professor NTU, Fsd, Mr. Muhmmad Umar Nazir, Lecturer weaving NTU, Fsd, Mr. Muhammad Usman Javaid, Lecturer weaving NTU, Fsd, Mr. Muhammad Zohaib Fazal, Lecturer weaving NTU, Fsd, Ms. Adeela Nasreen, Lecturer weaving NTU, Fsd, Mr. Hassan Iftikhar, Lecturer weaving NTU, Fsd, Mr. Shakeel Ahmad, General Manager Be Be Jan Textile Mills, Fsd, Mr. Zaheer Abbas, Project Director, Tevta, Fsd.

The board members agreed on several positive changes.