Ph.D Textile Engineering Theses Defense Held at NTU

First ever Ph.D Textile Engineering Final Theses Defense of two scholars held at NTU. Mr. Muhammad Umair and Mr. Khubab Shaker successfully defended their theses. Jury unanimously declared the status of " Doctor of Philosophy" for both scholars. Congratulation to Dr. Muhammad Umair and Dr. Khubab Shaker for this great achievement. Both scholars completed their research under supervision of Dr. Yasir Nawab and co-supervisions of Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain, Dr. Tallah Ali Hamdani and Dr. Munir Ashraf. The research topic of Dr. Muhammad Umair was "Development of Novel 3D Woven Reinforcements for High Performance Applications". While the research topic of Mr. Khubab Shaker was "Study of Particle Loaded Composites Fabrication Using Liquid Composite Moulding Technique"