NTU joins as a founding member of "Belt and Road World Textile Universities Alliance"

NTU joined as a founding member of "Belt and Road World Textile University Alliance" at “World Textile and Fashion education Conference” held from 8th-11th  December 2018 in Donghua University, Shanghai, China. This alliance includes 38 textile universities from 27 countries. Professor Dr. Jiang  Changjun, President of Donghua university inaugurated the “World Textile and Fashion education Conference”  and mentioned that B&R countries cover 60% of the world population and 35% of the world GDP. He emphasized the importance that development of these countries is very important for prosperity in the world. Dr. Yasir Nawab, Director Graduate Studies participated in the conference and alliance. He gave a presentation on importance of CPEC and overview of National Textile University. The major objectives of this alliance are capacity building, collaborative research and degrees, trainings, scholarships, students and faculty exchange. It was agreed at the ceremony that Donghua university will build a Belt and Road (B&R) Research center for the faculty and students from alliance countries. Moreover, funding will be provided to researchers from B&R countries to carry out project in their own country or at the research center. A research lab will be established at NTU under this initiative. Scholarships will be provided to BS, MS and PhD students from B&R fund so that they may complete degrees or research for a short duration at the member countries. Meetings were held to create a joint industry-academia platform. National Textile University takes the pride of being the only university from Pakistan to join this alliance.