Technical lecture on Physical Testing equipment along with the importance of accessories

Society of Textile Spinners arranged a Technical lecture on the topic of “Physical testing equipment along with importance of accessories on 9th April 21, 2019 for the final year students of B.Sc. Textile Engineerins. For this purpose, Society of Textiles Spinners 2018-2019 invited Mr. Claudio Bertolotti sales manager of M/S Mesdan S. P. A Italy as the resource person. He explained various testing equipment used in textile and also talked on the importance for proper testing techniques and why they are necessary. Students gained fruitful knowledge of the relevant topic and the session proved very useful in enhancing technical knowledge. At the end, souvenir was presented to Mr. Claudio Bertolotti by Dr.M.Bilal Qadir (Society of textile Spinners). STS is very obliged to Mr. Claudio Bertolotti for taking time from his hectic schedule.