NTU Students Participated in Provincial Convention (Lahore) arranged by Government of Pakistan & HEC

The Government is entrusted with the task of ensuring internal peace and security within the country. To promote the Peace, a National Youth Outreach Program by the name of Young Peace and Development Corps (YPDC) was launched by GOP and HEC which focuses on engaging youth in the development discourse and conflict resolution processes as a policy tool to guarantee socioeconomic inclusiveness and a youth responsive approach to prevention of conflicts in Pakistan.

The Government of Pakistan arranged Provincial Convention and recognized universities as a key player in the National Youth Outreach Initiative in its kick start program for the year 2019-20. Student representatives of all universities of Punjab invited in Provincial Convention upon nominations.

Four students of NTU (high achiever) selected for Positions of YPDC and attended the Provincial Convention held at University of Lahore on May 4th, 2019.