Ms. Asra Tariq and Mr. Hassan Iftikhar participated in Six Week-Skill Based Faculty Development Program

Ms. Asra Tariq (lecturer, Department of Polymer Engineering) and Mr. Hassan Iftikhar (lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering) participated in Six Week-Skill Based Faculty Development Program inaugurated on July 01, 2019 and concluded on August 09, 2019 at National Academy of Higher Education HEC. In this first batch, 26 newly inducted faculty members from various HEIs across Pakistan participated. The program was developed with an emphasis on the principles and practice of effective teaching and research as the core capacities of a faculty member at a HEI and thus equip new faculty members with the strategies and tools to overcome the challenges of learners and develop in students the critical thinking and practical skills demanded by the workforce.

Keeping in view the need to have an all-round performance by faculty members, this program provided the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes in three different themes viz. Teaching & Learning, Research,and University Governance & Leadership.