Seminar on Innovative and Creative Design

A seminar on ‘innovative and creative design’ was arranged for the final year students of Fashion and Textile design.  Director DHSS, Dr. Zafar Javed ,was the speaker of the seminar.

The seminar was divided into three sessions; in the first session, Dr. Zafar Javed gave a persuasive talk about innovative design. He clearly explained that design means to uncover a solution to a problem with a constructive knowledge that furnishes people’s needs and progresses their lives in an innovative way. He further clarified the perception of perfect design by referring to different brand products and brand psyches.

In the second session, he motivated the future designers to dig out creative solutions for the issues in the textile sector especially Sustainability that are affecting the world on a global scale. He also taught the learners about the worldwide approach and practice of different designers regarding sustainable fashion.

The last session was about technical and smart textiles. Students were given an insight into the amazing world of futuristic textiles and apparel. The seminar proved very fruitful for the students of Design as there is no match for an experience.   Dr. Zafer shared his experience and worked with the learners which expanded their horizon about design and product.