An interactive session on Intellectual Property Right and Filling Application for IP

An interactive session with the faculty members of Design Department on intellectual property right and filling application for IP was arranged by head of department, Dr.Zafar Javed in coordination with Mr. Shahid  Zaheer. During the session Dr.Zafar discussed various contextual analysis  related to IP filling with special reference to field of design .He positively motivated the faculty members for filling application for IP by clarifying the significance of copyright and patent for designers’ original work. Fashion and textile industry invest immense resources to make new and original designs each season. Regardless of this investment, very low amount is used to register and protect these designs. Further, he explained in detail how timely registration of an original design encourages the proprietor to keep all others from exploiting its new or original ornamental or aesthetic aspects. This session was very productive for faculty members as they clarified their confusions and doubts by question answer session.