Design Department Showed Amity with Kashmir in a unique style

Designers have a unique mode for communicating the same stories around them in an exclusive and innovative way. Young designers at the Design department created an inspiring aura to show their feelings for peaceful Kashmir. Students of 6th-semester Fashion Design created draping work based on the concept of peaceful Kashmir. They used black and white colors as powerful tools for communication as colors play a vital role in the world, we live in. They silently speak with the spectator. White color represents peace and black color is associated with strength. Moreover, students displayed their work in the open ground while utilizing the natural sunlight and shadows as a coordinated part of their designed work. Imagery of the shadow was used to symbolize the clouds of fear and agony on Kashmiris while sunlight was utilized as a symbol of hope. This all creative idea was planned and executed under the supervision of talented faculty member, Mr. Afzaal. The Display witnessed the hard work of concerned teacher and students and it was much appreciated by other faculty members and learners.