Tapestry Weaving Workshop

A work shop on Tapestry Weaving was orchestrated at the Department of Design in coordination with Ms. Zunaira Shoaib on 17 February 2020. Across cultures, tapestry has been utilized for functional, decorative, spiritual, and expressive purposes. 

DR. Jade Lord, a lecturer in Fashion and Textile design from the University of Huddersfield was the resource person. She shared her experiences and art works with the students. The workshop was attended by the students of Second year, BTD and BFD. The core content of the workshop was to introduce the students with fundamental skills associated with the creation of woven tapestry, with warping up a simple frame, exploring woven techniques, creating shapes, lines and blending colors.

Design students also showed and displayed their tapestry art works and were very well praised by the guests.