Quality Assessment Team Visited Fashion Design Department of National Textile University

Quality Assessment Team visited Fashion Design Department of National Textile University on July 15, 2016. In their visit they checked the facilities provided by the University to Faculty, Staff and students and appreciated the current level of the academic program and advised to upgrade it further as well.

The members of Assessment Team were Assistant Professor Mr. Faheem Tufail, Senior Lecturer Mr. Shahid Zaheer Govt. College University, Faisalabad, Dean Faculty of Engineering & Technology Mr. Zafar Javaid National Textile University, Mr. Muhammad Nisar Bhatti, Director, Quality Enhancement Cell, Mr. Umar Hameed, Chairman, Department of Design, NTU, Ms. Tabsum Amir, Ms. Sidrat Nasir, Ms. Rafia Asghar, Ms. Nusrat Bibi, Mr. Nigar Muhammad, Program Team Members and Engr. Farakh Javed, Assistant Director Quality Enhancement Cell, National Textile University.