Summary of 5th Semester Textile Processing Tour

Society of Textile Chemists 2016 – 17 had arranged an industrial tour to Nishat Chunian (Dyeing and Printing Division) Manga Road Raiwand on Saturday 12 November, 2016 for the 5th semester students of Textile Processing Department.

Nishat Chunian (Dyeing And Printing Division) Manga Road Raiwand is one of the leading vertically integrated textile group comprising of spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, and stitching The group has been serving the textile sector since 6 decades by providing the premium and exemplary quality of integrated textile products.

Students during this tour gets a great exposure to the textile wet processes, starting from greige Department to folding and testing lab. Both continuous and batch processes have been seen by the students. This tour is for sure will help the students in their future.