Mr. Sharjeel Abid's research pitch has been awarded position in top 10 places

Mr. Sharjeel Abid's Research Pitch titled; "Electrospun Nanofibers with Controlled Drug Delivery for Burn Wounds" has been awarded position in Top 10 places in All Pakistan Pitch my Research Competition 2017-18. This competition was organized by the mutual efforts of The University of Queensland, Australia and The University of Haripur, Pakistan. The winners of the competition were announced by Prof. Robert Faff, Director Research, The University of Queensland, Australia. This unique and high quality research competition was launched for the very first time in Pakistan.

Mr. Sharjeel Abid is doing his PhD in Textile Engineering at National Textile Research Center under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain and Dr. Ahsan Nazir. His research is focused on the development of different types of innovative nanotechnology based wound dressings for the treatment of burn wounds.