Society of Textile Chemists & TPD Organized a Seminar on “Towards Sustainable Textile Industry through Innovation"

Society of Textile Chemists along with Textile Processing Department honored to organize a seminar on “Towards a Sustainable Textile Industry through Innovation” on October 22, 2018.  Professor Long Lin, a scientist from the UK who is renowned in the area of sustainable processes in textile wet processing, was a key note speaker in the seminar. Professionals from industry, academicians from different universities and the students participated in this grand event of Sustainability. And this event was sponsored by GIZ under the program of IWaSP, International Water Stewardship Program.

Professor Lin emphasized that it is the right time to shift all the conventional processes towards sustainable ones. He highlighted to have novel dyes which have higher fixation values with no auxiliaries to be used at all. He also explained the waterless dyeing system which is the total shift from conventional to sustainable processes. These remedies are the way towards entire Sustainability in Textile industry especially in wet processing.