Society of Textile Spinners Arranged a Motivational Lecture

Society of Textile Spinners arranged a motivational lecture of Mr. Ayub Khan (Executive Director; Kohinoor Textile Mills, Chakwal Group) about “My Career in Textile Industry" on 13th December 2018. Mr. Ayub Khan visited NTU on the  special request of Department of Yarn Manufacturing. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali (Dean; Faculty of Engineering), Dr. Bilal Qadir (Convener; Society of Textile Spinners) and Mr. Tariq Jamil (President; Society of Textile Spinners) welcomed him. He delivered a motivational lecture to the students in the main hall of the campus. Mr. Ayub Khan also visited the honourable Rector’s office and exchanged some words of goodwill. Seminar was very beneficial for the students.