An Acknowledgement & Certificate Distribution Ceremony–Societies Office Bearers 2018-19

On Thursday, May 09, 2019, Advisor Students Affairs Office under the supervision of Dr Amjed Javed (Advisor Students) has arranged the recognition ceremony for the successful completion of activities 2018-19 for all NTU societies. Conveners of societies were also there to encourage their respective society office bearers. Dr Tanveer Hussain (Worthy Rector) was the Chief Guest of the ceremony.

A journey of activities 2018-19 of all NTU societies was presented which included as, campus initiatives & recreational measures of each society.

Presidents of societies shared their experiences and thankful to the university to provided them the opportunity where they utilized their best potentials during university life.

Dr Tanveer Hussain addressed and appreciated the efforts of Advisor Students Office. He also encouraged the societies’ Conveners who are the master minds behind every activity and event, especially appreciated them for their keen interest and working for the societies.

At the end all Presidents and Vice Presidents were awarded with certificates by Worthy Rector and Advisor Students.