Society of Textile Spinners invited Mr. Ralf Müller Sales Manager Trützschler

Society of Textile Spinners invited Mr. Ralf Müller, Sales Manager Trützschler on 13 April 2019, and one of the official sponsors of the event, on Annual Spinners Gathering to have an interactive session with the seniors from Spinning Industry and students. Mr. Müller briefly introduced the history of spinning machinery before introducing latest spinning technology invented by Trützschler. Mr. Müller has been visiting Pakistan for the last ten years and was overwhelmed to be invited to this event, which included some of the very experienced people from the field of spinning industry. Mr. Müller was of the idea that whenever some new technology has been introduced, these people have been very welcoming in adopting it. STS is very much obliged to Mr. Müller, representative of one of the leading textile machinery manufacturers to honor this event with his presence and providing sponsorship.