Dept. of Design won Second and Third position In AUST Dice 2019 Mega Innovation and Entrepreneur Event

Creative designers from Design Department displayed  two projects in Dice 2019 Mega Innovation & Entrepreneurship Event on 11 0ctober 2019 at Abbottabad University of Science and Technology  in the category of ART. Feasibility reports and business proposals were presented along with the innovative concepts.

Project titled Conversational Textile Arts was executed by Ms. Sumbal and Ms. Marwa (final year TD) won the second position cash prize. It was a class assignment in the subject of Embroidery and Embellishment Techniques. The other project titled Fruits on the Brink of Decay was executed by Ms. Huda Waseem (Thesis 2019) who won the third position cash prize. Both projects were supervised by Ms. Aroobah Mumtaz from Design Department NTU.