Visit of the Registrar to the Seminar of Industrial Parks in China

On the Invitation of the Chinese Government Mr Salman Saif, Registrar NTU, visited China on a comprehensive Multilateral Seminar on Building & Operation of Industrial Parks under Belt and Road Initiative.

The seminar was organized to have an insight into the development model of China, implemented through various Industrial Parks, fashioned far and wide, in diverse parts of China. 

China is the largest developing country on the globe and its policies are consistent with the principles of developing and consolidating relations with all developing countries through symbiotic cooperation. Over the years, China has sought active opportunities to promote shared prosperity. The concept of 'One Belt One Road' is a dynamic example of such a vivid conception.  

In recent years, it is heartening to see that Chinese government has intensified its efforts to conduct external exchange and cooperation in HRD.

During the visit under the theme of Building and Operation of Industrial Parks under Belt and Road Initiative not only different aspects of Chinese economy, culture and technological advances with indigenous intelligentsia were discussed but famous cultural sites there were also appreciated. 

BRI of China is a much needed positive initiative for future global economic prosperity, especially, for developing countries as this initiative is not only for the benefits of China but also for all the countries on the course of the road and belt initiative. The future of the World is associated with common growth of all.