An Artists Talk by Visual Artist Ms.Sana kazi

Ms. Sana Kazi was invited as a guest speaker for an artist talk organized at Design Department by Ms. Nida Ramzan. She is an international studio artist , writer and art-critic. She has done  MFA in Visual Arts from National College of Arts. Ms. Sana received number of awards including an exhibition in New York, funded by the Rockefellers Brother Fund Foundation in collaboration with the New York Foundation of Arts (NYFA,) an exhibition in Washington DC, funded by the Crispus Music Industries and a solo residency in Abu Dhabi by the Art Hub.

During discussion she explained how she uses the traditional form of Indo-Persian Miniature with a contemporary spin. She experiments with unorthodox materials such as cement and sawdust on Wasli to create her images.

Her work is about “the state of transition” that she depicts in several different ways. Her images possess a kineticism as it captures different time periods showing evolution. She also covered several social issues that affect the world today.