Industrial tour of the students of Fashion and Textile Design (Fifth semester) to Sapphire & Master Textiles

An industrial tour was arranged for the students of Fashion and Textile Design (fifth semester) by Mr. Afzal along with Ms. Anam Nasir & Ms. Maryam Saeed. The industries visited for this tour were Sapphire Textile (STM 8) and Master Textile. This tour mainly focused on getting students familiarized with the practical on field implications of all theoretical concepts and applications that were already taught to them in class sessions. Such activities help to connect different areas of field work with students by improving their knowledge. Student had a chance to speak and interact with the management and workers of textile industry and learnt various on field processes.

This session proved a fair and well taken chance to quench the practical thirst about various fields of fashion design mainly pattern, digital printing, stitching, embroidery, laser cutting and different typesof denim washes as they literally learnt about them visually as being taught in their course of study.

We are Thankful to Mr. Hassan Ashraf (Plant Head) and Mr. Fazal Waqar (Manager PD) for their time and great hospitality.