Participation of NTU Literary Society in the 6th Faisalabad Literary Festival (FLF)

NTU Literary Society alongwith students of other societies participated in the inauguration ceremony of the 6th Faisalabad Literary Festival (FLF) under the auspices of Lyallpur Literary Council at Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium, Faisalabad on November 22, 2019 (Friday) under the Supervision of Mr. Mujahid Mahmood, Convener Literary Society and Ms. Nadia Shamim, Assistant Director Student Affairs.

Dr. Sheeba Alam moderated the inauguration ceremony and welcomed all the participants/guests. The ceremony was presided by Mr. Masood Ashar, a well-known and senior short story writer/journalist. The topic of the ceremony was" ہمارا ادب اور فنون لطیفہ آج کے تناظر میں ". Ms. Navid Shahzad, a senior theater/TV and Film actress and writer presented her sermon to the audience. The second sermon was presented by Mr. Mehmood Sham, one of the most senior journalist, writer and poet of Urdu language. Mr. Musadiq Zulqarnain, Chairman & CEO of Interloop Holdings concluded the session with the note of thanks to all the participants/guests.

Mr. Amjad Islam Amjad, one the most senior/famous poet, drama writer and lyricist of Urdu Language presented his poetry in the second session of the ceremony. Mr. Babar Niazi and Mr. Javed Niazi, sons of Mr. Tufail Niazi (late) performed folk/classical music in the third and last session of the ceremony.