Visit to Crescent Bahuman Limited (CBL) for the project of Pre-feasibility on IOT Project

Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) arranged a visit of Crescent Bahuman Limited (CBL), Pindibhatian regarding the Pre-feasibility of IoT Project for the Department of  Computer Sciences on 23 December 2019. Dr. Muhammad Asif Habib (Associate Professor / Director),  Dr. Nadeem Faisal (Assistnat Professor) and and Mr. Ata-Ur-Rehman (Deputy Director ORIC) visited CBL. Mr. Abdul Wahab (Assistant Vice President) and Mr. Noor ( VP-IT ) from CBL were also present at this occasion.

A detailed visit to different departments of the factory was conducted by the CBL officials. Representatives of NTU and CBL officials conducted two rounds of talks regarding convergence of multiple technologies, real-time analytics and response systems. In the said meeting it was agreed upon that NTU will develop a mobile & desktop application of the Stenter Machine as a pilot project. On the completion of this projects, NTU and CBL will work on other projects of IoT.